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In this era of virtual conferences, we have been developing a series of presentations, as well as panels, bringing easy to follow educational presentations on the LGBTQ+ marketplace. A summary of our work is found below.

LGBTQ+ Online Marketing Tips & Techniques in 2021:
In this presentation, we dive into some of the latest in online marketing tips & techniques available to us in 2021, all designed to reach your EXACT LGBTQ+ demographic online. We explore programmatic ad targeting, social media hyper-targeting, mobile targeting, social media organic posts and paid advertising, influencers, video and more.

LGBTQ+ Travel Influencer Panel Series

The following is a single, 30-minute LGBTQ+ Travel Influencer Panel presentation, broken up into 4 distinct parts for easier viewing online.

These presentations above can be customized for your specific virtual LGBTQ+ conference. Contact us below for more information.

Looking to advertise to an LGBTQ+ audience? We work with any budgets (starting at $500 per month)... call us at (323) 963-3653 or contact us here to get started.


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